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Keywords: Activity

  • Heart recovery

    An experiment to find out how quickly your heart can recover after a work out.

    Keywords: Heart, lungs & circulatory system, Activity, Experiment, Human Biology

  • Touch illusions

    A series of illusions to explore the sense of touch

    Keywords: Senses, Activity, Experiment, Human Biology

  • Reflex and reflect

    A selection of activities to explore your reflexes

    Keywords: Brain & nervous system, Muscles & bones, Activity, Experiment, Human Biology

  • Food diary

    Try working out your energy intake for a meal, a day or even a week!

    Keywords: Digestion, Activity, Experiment, Energy, Human Biology

  • Tickle your taste buds

    An experiment to count your taste buds and find out if you could be a super-taster

    Keywords: Senses, Activity, Experiment, Human Biology

  • What's in a name?

    Find out how surnames have migrated across the UK

    Keywords: DNA & cells, Exhibit, Activity, Human Biology

  • Catch it!

    A really simple experiment to test your reactions

    Keywords: Brain & nervous system, Activity, Experiment, Human Biology

  • Make a Flickbook

    Make your own short animation with a simple flickbook

    Keywords: Activity, Animation